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159 Complete Do-It-Yourself eBooks CollectionR29.99 R23.99
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Product Description

1. 30 Quick Fixes For Everyday Disasters.pdf
2. 4x8 Utility Trailer-Drawings.pdf
3. 4x8 Utility Trailer-Instructions.pdf
4. A Guide To Building Outdoor Stairs.pdf
5. About Bathrooms.pdf
6. About Kitchens.pdf
7. About Pvc Windows.pdf
8. Actions To Prevent Flooding Around The House.pdf
9. Add A Radiator.pdf
10. Add A Wall Light.pdf
11. Adding A Socket.pdf
12. Air Bricks.pdf
13. All About Decking.pdf
14. Artex And Plaster.pdf
15. Backyard Pond.pdf
16. Basic Plumbing.pdf
17. Bonus Utility Trailer Plan !.pdf
18. Boxing In Pipes.pdf
19. Brick Bonds.pdf
20. Bricklayers Tool Kit.pdf
21. Brickwork.pdf
22. Build A Brick Barbecue.pdf
23. Build A Carport.pdf
24. Build A Shed.pdf
25. Build A Shower Cubicle.pdf
26. Building A Basic Cupboard.pdf
27. Building A Dry Stone Wall.pdf
28. Building Regulations Electrical Safety Jan 2005.pdf
29. Building Traditional Casing For New Windows.pdf
30. Built In Storage Space.pdf
31. Cement & Mixes.pdf
32. Ceramic Tiles For Worktops.pdf
33. Change A Door Handle.pdf
34. Changing Taps.pdf
35. Cladding.pdf
36. Closing And Opening An Existing Fireplace.pdf
37. Colour Combinations.pdf
38. Colour Schemes.pdf
39. Consumer Unit.pdf
40. Cornices And Coving.pdf
41. Corrugated Sheet Roofing.pdf
42. Create A Town Garden And Patio.pdf
43. Curing An Air Lock In A Hot Water Pipe.pdf
44. Deck Marking.pdf
45. Deck Post Holes.pdf
46. Deck Structural Design.pdf
47. Decking Steps.pdf
48. Design,plan & Fit A Kitchen.pdf
49. Designing Your Garden.pdf
50. Different Types Of Hammers.pdf
51. Diy Q&A.pdf
52. Dormer Building.pdf
53. Dry Rot & Wet Rot.pdf
54. Earth Bonding.pdf
55. Electrical Safety.pdf
56. Fireplace.pdf
57. Fit A Bath And Wash Basin.pdf
58. Fit a Toilet and Bidet.pdf
59. Fit Extra Electrical Sockets.pdf
60. Fitting A Mortice Latch.pdf
61. Fixing To Lathe & Plaster.pdf
62. Fixing To Plasterboard And Plasterboard Fixings.pdf
63. Foundations For Light Garden Walls.pdf
64. Garage Floor Insulation.pdf
65. General Do It Yourself Safety Comments.pdf
66. Gun Applied Sealants And Adhesives.pdf
67. Handrail Anatomy.pdf
68. Hanging A Door.pdf
69. Hanging Wallpaper.pdf
70. Heat Guns.pdf
71. Home Security.pdf
72. How A Lighting Circuit Works.pdf
73. How To Avoid The Cowboy Builder.pdf
74. How To Build A Deck.pdf
75. How To Build A Raised Formal Pool.pdf
76. How To Build A Retaining Wall.pdf
77. How To Construct A Suimple Garden Pond.pdf
78. How To Hang Wallpaper.pdf
79. How To Install Pvc Downpipes.pdf
80. How To Repair Faucets(Taps).pdf
81. How To Wire A Plug.pdf
82. In-Ground Pool.pdf
83. Indoor Lighting.pdf
84. Install A Fireplace.pdf
85. Install An Electric Shower.pdf
86. Install Guttering.pdf
87. Installing A Peephole.pdf
88. Installing A Pre-Hung Door.pdf
89. Installing Deck Boards.pdf
90. Installing Deck Joists.pdf
91. Installing Deck Posts.pdf
92. Installing Deck Stairs.pdf
93. Installing The Deck Ledger.pdf
94. Installing The Deck Railing.pdf
95. Interior Painting.pdf
96. Ladders.pdf
97. Laminate Flooring.pdf
98. Lay A Laminate Floor.pdf
99. Lay A Pebble Path.pdf
100. Lay Carpet Tiles.pdf
101. Lay Paving Stones.pdf
102. Laying A Brick Walkway Or Patio.pdf
103. Laying A Deck Straight.pdf
104. Laying Stepping Stones.pdf
105. Lining Paper.pdf
106. Man-Made Board.pdf
107. Matching Sand And Cement Mixes.pdf
108. Measuring And Marking.pdf
109. Metric And Imperial Conversions.pdf
110. Nails.pdf
111. Outdoor Lighting.pdf
112. Paint Effects.pdf
113. Painting A Ceiling.pdf
114. Painting A Door.pdf
115. Painting Ceramic Tiles.pdf
116. Painting Interior Panel Doors.pdf
117. Painting Interior Walls.pdf
118. Painting Problems.pdf
119. Painting Tips & Secrets.pdf
120. Pests Around The House.pdf
121. Planning A Deck.pdf
122. Planning A New Internal Partition.pdf
123. Planning Permission And Building Regulations.pdf
124. Plumbing Care And Repair.pdf
125. Pointing Brickwork.pdf
126. Producing Drawings For Planning Permission.pdf
127. Pvc And Polycarbonate Roofing.pdf
128. Radial Circuit.pdf
129. Remove A Radiator.pdf
130. Removing Or Plastering Over Artex.pdf
131. Renovating Wood.pdf
132. Repairing A Dripping Tap.pdf
133. Replace Broken Tiles.pdf
134. Replacing A Brick.pdf
135. Safe Diy.pdf
136. Sandpapers No2.pdf
137. Shelving And Storage.pdf
138. Size Conversion Charts.pdf
139. Spanners And Wrenches.pdf
140. Sticky Door.pdf
141. Sunshine Ceiling(1).pdf
142. Sunshine Ceiling(2).pdf
143. Three Layer Felt Roofing.pdf
144. Timber Care.pdf
145. Timber Cutting Hand Saws.pdf
146. Timber Decking.pdf
147. Tow Dolly Plans.pdf
148. Towing Dolly Instructions.pdf
149. Upvc Fascia.pdf
150. Wainscotting.pdf
151. Wall Fixings For Hollow & Solid Surfaces.pdf
152. Wall Tiling.pdf
153. Wallpaper A Ceiling.pdf
154. Wallpaper Stripping.pdf
155. Wallpapering Techniques.pdf
156. Waterproof Your Roof.pdf
157. Wiring A Junction Box.pdf
158. Wiring A Ring Main.pdf
159. Wooden Interior Doors.pdf


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download free e-books, download free audio-books & download video courses from our site because it simply makes a lot of sense. If you can't find what you are looking for then don't worry. All you have to do is contact us with your request and we will find and stock your item for you within 3 working days. Yes, we have many competitors but we don't charge a membership fee and we have more bargains than the rest as well as cheaper products, not to mention more free stuff as well. There are many sites offering free, downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks. Below you will find links to some of these sites. Many of these sites offer both eBook and Audiobook downloads. While many of these links offer downloads of works in the public domain, some offer downloads of up and coming authors looking for new audiences. Just English’s list of links to Free Books (this blog post provides 100 links categorized by genre for free, legal downloads of eBooks.) Project Gutenberg (“the first producer of free eBooks,” offers thousands of free eBooks downloadable in different formats; thousands more eBooks are available from the sites on their list of international partners and affiliates, so be sure to check that out too if you’re looking for something different.) Lebanon County eLibrary Powered by OverDrive (you can borrow eBooks and Audiobooks in multiple formats; there is also a link to Project Gutenberg on this page.) Noisetrade: eBooks and Audiobooks (offers free downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks from up and coming authors; go to Noisetrade to download free music!) Books Should Be Free (offers eBooks in many formats as well as Audiobooks; this site offers downloads of works that are in the public domain; you can also stream the book online by chapter.) Lit2Go (hosted by the University of South Florida, this is a collection of books and poems in mp3 format that are downloadable by chapter; pdf’s of the text each selection are downloadable as well and can be used as supplemental material. This is a great site for teachers!) Librophile (this site offers thousands of free audiobooks and eBooks available for download; these are works that are in the public domain.) Storynory (offers free illustrated audiostories for children! Stories include popular fairy tales as well as original stories written especially for the site!) Internet Archive: Audiobooks (this site offers audiobook downloads as well as lists of audiobooks available for download on other sites; go to the Internet Archives home page to search for eBooks.) OpenLibrary (Free eBooks are available to download and there are also over 200,000 eBook titles available for Pennsylvania residents to borrow from the lending library because the Commonwealth is participating in their eBook lending program.) Open Culture (billed as “the best free cultural & educational media on the web,” this site offers free eBooks as well as free online courses, free audiobooks, free language lessons and more!) Lendle (an online community of readers who lend and borrow Kindle books for free; you can also join book clubs and interact with the Lendle community; no Kindle required!) eBookDaily (for kindle users: sign up to receive daily emails from this site of lists of free Kindle downloads that are available for one day only; the site will tailor your list to your reading tastes.) Book Lending (use this site to borrow and loan out your ebooks; you can borrow a book free of charge or loan one out–the site matches you up with the user who’ll be loaning out or borrowing.)