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Secrets of the FBI - Audiobook   R19.99 
Self Improvement - 7 eBooks   R19.99 
Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austin - eBook    
Sex Communication & Sexercise - 4 eBooks   R17.99 
Sexual Reflexology Activating the Taoist Points of Love - eBook   R16.99 
Shaolin Kung-fu - 31 eBooks   R24.99 
Sherlock Holmes - read by John Telfer - 9 Audiobooks   R49.99 
Shirley Jackson Collection - 9 eBooks   R21.99 
Sigmund Freud - Psychoanalytic Works - 11 plus eBooks   R29.99 
Simple Steps to Data Encryption - A Practical Guide to Secure Co   R16.99 
Sixty Years of Challenge (how to get women) - 7 eBooks   R21.99 
Sons of Anarchy and Philosophy - eBook    
South African Recipes - 31 eBooks   R24.99 
Spud 1 - John van de Ruit - eBook   R16.99 
Spud 2 - The Madness Continues - John van de Ruit - eBook   R16.99 
Star Trek - Full Collection - 290 eBooks   R79.99 
Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manuals - 3 eBooks   R18.99 
Star Wars Collection - 256 eBooks   R99.99 
Steel Design, 5th Ed. By William Segui - eBook   R16.99 
Stephen Hawking - 9 eBooks   R20.99 
Stephen King - 116 eBooks   R89.99 
Stephen R. Donaldson - Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - 11 eBooks   R24.99 
Strategies for Getting Started in Real Estate - eBook   R16.99 
Stress Management Hypnosis - Audiobook    
Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff - eBook    
SuperSex - Everything you need to know to become a SuperSexpert   R16.99 
Survive! - Essential Survival Skills and Tactics - 4 eBooks   R19.99 
Teach Yourself Electricity & Electronics (3rd Edition) - eBook   R16.99 
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics (4th Edition) - eBook   R16.99 
The 100 Greatest Photographs of the Paranormal - eBook    
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - eBook   R16.99 
The Adventures of Sally (P.G. Wodehouse) - eBook   R16.99 
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - eBook   R16.99 
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - eBook   R16.99 
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho - eBook   R16.99 
The Anarchist Cookbook - William Powell - eBook   R16.99 
The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis - eBook   R39.99 
The Art of Calligraphy - eBook   R16.99 
The Art of Jewish Cooking - eBook   R16.99 
The Art of Public Speaking - eBook   R16.99 
The Art of War (by active 6th century B.C. Sunzi) - eBook   R16.99 
The Beginners Guide to Spiritual Warfare - eBook   R16.99 
The Best Quotes of all Time - (over 2000 quotes) - eBook   R16.99 
The Best Websites and the Pitfalls of eBook Buying - ebook    
The Bible, King James Version - eBook   R16.99 
The Big Book of Small House Designs (all max 381 m2) eBook   R16.99 
The Body Language of Liars - eBook   R16.99 
The Book of Questions - Revised and Updated - eBook   R16.99 
The Book of Tea - eBook   R16.99 
The Boston Girl - Anita Diamant - eBook   R29.99 
The Caster Chronicles Complete Collection - 5 eBooks   R19.99 
The Charisma Myth - Master the Art and Science of Personal Magne   R16.99 
The Complete Book of Cheese - eBook   R16.99 
The Complete Guide to Knots and Knot Tying - eBook   R16.99 
The Complete Illustrated Works of Charles Dickens - 15 eBooks   R39.99 
The Complete Web Developer Course - VideoBooks   R149.00 
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare   R19.99 
The Count of Monte Cristo - eBook   R16.99 
The Crystal Cave (Merlin Trilogy)- by Mary Stewart - 4 AudioBook   R49.99 
The Darwin Awards - 6 eBooks   R24.99 
The Doctors Book of Natural Health Remedies - eBook   R16.99 
The E-Myth Revisited - eBook   R19.99 
The Easy Internet Beginners Guide - eBook   R16.99 
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking - eBook   R16.99 
The Edge Series by Ilona Andrews - 4 eBooks   R20.99 
The Enchanted Island of Yew - eBook   R16.99 
The Fixed Trilogy - Laurelin Paige - 3 eBooks   R19.99 
The Food of Myanmar (Burma) - Authentic Recipes - eBook   R16.99 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - eBook   R16.99 
The Hunger Games Trilogy - 3 Audiobooks   R21.99 
The Ideal Bartender - eBook   R16.99 
The Infernal Devices - 3 eBooks   R19.99 
The Italian Cook Book - eBook   R16.99 
The Jungle Book - eBook    
The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana - eBook   R16.99 
The King of the Golden River - Audiobook   R16.99 
The Life and Masterworks of Salvador Dali (Art eBook)    
The Mammoth eBook of Erotic Romance and Domination   R16.99 
The Maze Runner Set - 5 ebooks   R59.99 
The Merry Wives of Windsor - William Shakespeare - eBook    
The Miracle of Self-Discipline - Audiobook   R19.99 
The Mortal Instruments Complete Series - 6 eBooks   R19.99 
The Mysterious Affair at Styles - Agatha Christie - eBook   R16.99 
The NetBeans Platform Package - 10 eBooks   R49.99 
The New York Times Book of Wine - eBook    
The Pendragon Series - D.J. MacHale - 10 eBooks   R29.99 
The Periodic Table - A Complete, In-depth, Visual Guide to the E   R16.99 
The Power of Concentration - Audiobook   R29.99 
The Power of Understanding People By Dave Mitchell - eBook   R16.99 
The Presidents Keepers (Zuma) - Jacques Pauw - eBook   R49.99 
The Rainbow - D.H. Lawrence - eBook   R16.99 
The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison - eBook   R16.99 
The Saboteur - PC Game   R69.99 
The Secret Garden - Audiobook   R24.99 
The Secret Garden - eBook   R16.99 
The Secret Race - eBook   R16.99 
The Sky is Falling - Audiobook   R16.99 
The Standard C Library by P. J. Plauger - eBook   R59.99 
The Stoners Cookbook - eBook   R39.00 
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny - Beatrix Potter - eBook   R16.99 
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download free e-books, download free audio-books & download video courses from our site because it simply makes a lot of sense. If you can't find what you are looking for then don't worry. All you have to do is contact us with your request and we will find and stock your item for you within 3 working days. Yes, we have many competitors but we don't charge a membership fee and we have more bargains than the rest as well as cheaper products, not to mention more free stuff as well. There are many sites offering free, downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks. Below you will find links to some of these sites. Many of these sites offer both eBook and Audiobook downloads. While many of these links offer downloads of works in the public domain, some offer downloads of up and coming authors looking for new audiences. Just English’s list of links to Free Books (this blog post provides 100 links categorized by genre for free, legal downloads of eBooks.) Project Gutenberg (“the first producer of free eBooks,” offers thousands of free eBooks downloadable in different formats; thousands more eBooks are available from the sites on their list of international partners and affiliates, so be sure to check that out too if you’re looking for something different.) Lebanon County eLibrary Powered by OverDrive (you can borrow eBooks and Audiobooks in multiple formats; there is also a link to Project Gutenberg on this page.) Noisetrade: eBooks and Audiobooks (offers free downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks from up and coming authors; go to Noisetrade to download free music!) Books Should Be Free (offers eBooks in many formats as well as Audiobooks; this site offers downloads of works that are in the public domain; you can also stream the book online by chapter.) Lit2Go (hosted by the University of South Florida, this is a collection of books and poems in mp3 format that are downloadable by chapter; pdf’s of the text each selection are downloadable as well and can be used as supplemental material. This is a great site for teachers!) Librophile (this site offers thousands of free audiobooks and eBooks available for download; these are works that are in the public domain.) Storynory (offers free illustrated audiostories for children! Stories include popular fairy tales as well as original stories written especially for the site!) Internet Archive: Audiobooks (this site offers audiobook downloads as well as lists of audiobooks available for download on other sites; go to the Internet Archives home page to search for eBooks.) OpenLibrary (Free eBooks are available to download and there are also over 200,000 eBook titles available for Pennsylvania residents to borrow from the lending library because the Commonwealth is participating in their eBook lending program.) Open Culture (billed as “the best free cultural & educational media on the web,” this site offers free eBooks as well as free online courses, free audiobooks, free language lessons and more!) Lendle (an online community of readers who lend and borrow Kindle books for free; you can also join book clubs and interact with the Lendle community; no Kindle required!) eBookDaily (for kindle users: sign up to receive daily emails from this site of lists of free Kindle downloads that are available for one day only; the site will tailor your list to your reading tastes.) Book Lending (use this site to borrow and loan out your ebooks; you can borrow a book free of charge or loan one out–the site matches you up with the user who’ll be loaning out or borrowing.)