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Divergent (The World of) - Veronica Roth - eBook   R16.99 
Divergent Trilogy - Veronica Roth - 3 eBooks   R29.99 
Dog Training - 13 e-books   R19.99 
Double Your Reading Speed In Ten Minutes - Audiobook   R19.99 
Douglas Adams - 9 eBooks   R19.99 
Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution - eBook   R16.99 
Dracula - Bram Stoker - eBook   R16.99 
Dream Aquarium (best ever) - Screensaver    
Easy Christmas Food 2015 - ebook    
Easy Exercises for Busy People - eBook   R16.99 
Economics in One Lesson - Audiobook   R19.99 
EDYL - The Reading Department - Audiobook   R19.99 
Electronics Projects for Dummies - eBook   R16.99 
Electronics Repair Manual - eBook   R16.99 
Emma - Jane Austen - eBook   R16.99 
Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy - eBook   R16.99 
Encyclopedia of the World's Best-Kept Secrets - eBook   R16.99 
Engineering Drawing - 6 eBooks   R19.99 
Ernest Hemingway - 12 eBooks   R24.99 
Essential Yoga Books for Neophytes - 4 eBooks   R19.99 
Essentials of Understanding Psychology - eBook   R16.99 
Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing - eBook   R16.99 
Famous Modern Ghost Stories - 15 eBooks in 1   R19.99 
Father Gilbert Mysteries - 9 Audiobooks   R69.99 
Fight to Win - 20 Simple Techniques That Win Any Fight - eBook   R16.99 
Fitness & Muscle Exercises Encyclopedia - 13 eBooks   R22.99 
Food Allergies (Recipes, Cures, Detecting Culprit Foods) - 6 eBo   R21.99 
For Dummies Series - Medical and Health Related - 61 eBooks   R59.99 
Frank Herbert's Classic Dune Novels - 19 eBooks   R23.99 
Frankenstein - Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - eBook   R16.99 
Game of Thrones (plus images) - 7 eBooks   R79.99 
Gardening Planning - 7 eBooks - 218MB   R21.99 
Genevieve - eBoek   R16.99 
George Orwell - Novels, Essays, Journalism - 16 eBooks   R39.99 
Gewetenlose Strate - Die Apartheid Polisie - Afr eBook   R16.99 
God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God - eBook   R16.99 
Google Plus for Business Owners - eBook   R16.99 
Google Search Secrets - eBook   R16.99 
Google Sniper 2 - Google Marketing Video Course   R69.99 
Greek & Roman Civilizations & Empires - 7 eBooks   R24.99 
Grow Great Weed - The Complete Guide - eBook   R39.99 
Guinness World Records - 2014 - eBook   R19.99 
Guitar eBooks - A Collection Of The Best Guitar - 13 eBooks   R19.99 
H. G. Wells - 60 eBooks   R49.99 
Hacking and Security - 17 eBooks   R22.99 
Hacking Related - 32 eBooks   R29.99 
Hair Loss Prevention - eBook    
Halloween Party - Agatha Christie - Audiobook    
Hamlet - William Shakespeare - eBook   R16.99 
Harry Potter (1) and the Philosopher's Stone - PC Games   R49.99 
Harry Potter (2) and the Chamber of Secrets - PC Games   R49.99 
Harry Potter (3) and the Prisoner of Azkaban - PC Games   R49.99 
Harry Potter - 7 eBooks   R21.99 
Healing Herbal Wines, Vinegars & Syrups - eBook   R16.99 
Her Christmas Surprise by C.M. Steele - ebook   R16.99 
High Times Cannabis Cookbook - eBook   R39.99 
Highlander - Romance - Time Travel - 31 ebooks   R29.99 
Highlander Series - 13 eBooks   R29.99 
His Christmas Rose by C.M. Steele - ebook   R16.99 
History Decoded - 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time - eBook   R16.99 
Home Networking (Do-it-Yourself) For Dummies - eBook   R16.99 
Home Repair - How to do-It-Yourself Collection - 159 eBooks   R59.00 
Horror Collection - 64 eBooks   R39.99 
House of Night - 11 eBooks   R21.99 
How Linux Works - What Every Superuser Should Know - eBook   R16.99 
How They Murdered Princess Diana - eBook   R19.99 
How to Build a Water Powered Car - 2 eBooks   R19.99 
How to Create a Blog with Your own Domain in 45 Minutes - eBook   R16.99 
How to Decorate - An Inspiring and Practical eBook   R16.99 
How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic - eBook   R16.99 
How to Diagnose and Repair Car Electrical Systems - eBook   R16.99 
How to Draw People, Anime, etc - eBook   R16.99 
How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone - eBook   R16.99 
How to Instantly Connect with Anyone - Audiobook   R19.99 
How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You - Audiobook   R19.99 
How To Make Money eBooks Collection - 13 eBooks   R29.99 
How to make Rainbow Loom Bracelets without the loom - 4 eBooks &   R19.99 
How to Pass Exams, Fall in Love, Self-Heal,... - 16 eBooks   R23.99 
How to Play the Harmonica - 4 eBooks   R19.99 
How to Talk to Hot Women (The Secrets) - eBook   R16.99 
How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes - eBook   R16.99 
How to Turn Water into Fuel - 3 eBooks   R19.99 
How to use Facebook for mobile marketing - eBook   R16.99 
How to Win at Lotto - eBook   R16.99 
Hunger Games 3 - Mockingjay - eBook   R21.99 
Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins - 3 ebooks   R19.99 
Hunter Patrol - Audiobook   R19.99 
Hypnosis - 7 Self-Help Audio Books for Men   R39.99 
Hypnosis - The Pain Solution - Audiobook   R42.99 
Iain M. Banks - 24 ebooks   R29.99 
Ideas To Start Your Weight Loss - eBook   R16.99 
Illuminati Compendium 2014 - 17 eBooks   R39.99 
Inferno - A Novel by Dan Brown - eBook    
Information Retrieval - 6 eBooks   R19.99 
Insatiable - an ADULT Love Story - Audio Book   R23.99 
Internet Marketing - 38 eBooks (+FREE AdSenseCash Package)   R29.99 
iPhone 5s For Beginners - eBook   R16.99 
IQ Puzzles - Over 500 Mind-Benders & Brainteasers - eBook   R16.99 
Irresistible Attraction - Secrets of Personal Magnetism - eBook   R16.99 
J.R.R. Tolkien Collection - 18 eBooks   R29.99 
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download free e-books, download free audio-books & download video courses from our site because it simply makes a lot of sense. If you can't find what you are looking for then don't worry. All you have to do is contact us with your request and we will find and stock your item for you within 3 working days. Yes, we have many competitors but we don't charge a membership fee and we have more bargains than the rest as well as cheaper products, not to mention more free stuff as well. There are many sites offering free, downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks. Below you will find links to some of these sites. Many of these sites offer both eBook and Audiobook downloads. While many of these links offer downloads of works in the public domain, some offer downloads of up and coming authors looking for new audiences. Just English’s list of links to Free Books (this blog post provides 100 links categorized by genre for free, legal downloads of eBooks.) Project Gutenberg (“the first producer of free eBooks,” offers thousands of free eBooks downloadable in different formats; thousands more eBooks are available from the sites on their list of international partners and affiliates, so be sure to check that out too if you’re looking for something different.) Lebanon County eLibrary Powered by OverDrive (you can borrow eBooks and Audiobooks in multiple formats; there is also a link to Project Gutenberg on this page.) Noisetrade: eBooks and Audiobooks (offers free downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks from up and coming authors; go to Noisetrade to download free music!) Books Should Be Free (offers eBooks in many formats as well as Audiobooks; this site offers downloads of works that are in the public domain; you can also stream the book online by chapter.) Lit2Go (hosted by the University of South Florida, this is a collection of books and poems in mp3 format that are downloadable by chapter; pdf’s of the text each selection are downloadable as well and can be used as supplemental material. This is a great site for teachers!) Librophile (this site offers thousands of free audiobooks and eBooks available for download; these are works that are in the public domain.) Storynory (offers free illustrated audiostories for children! Stories include popular fairy tales as well as original stories written especially for the site!) Internet Archive: Audiobooks (this site offers audiobook downloads as well as lists of audiobooks available for download on other sites; go to the Internet Archives home page to search for eBooks.) OpenLibrary (Free eBooks are available to download and there are also over 200,000 eBook titles available for Pennsylvania residents to borrow from the lending library because the Commonwealth is participating in their eBook lending program.) Open Culture (billed as “the best free cultural & educational media on the web,” this site offers free eBooks as well as free online courses, free audiobooks, free language lessons and more!) Lendle (an online community of readers who lend and borrow Kindle books for free; you can also join book clubs and interact with the Lendle community; no Kindle required!) eBookDaily (for kindle users: sign up to receive daily emails from this site of lists of free Kindle downloads that are available for one day only; the site will tailor your list to your reading tastes.) Book Lending (use this site to borrow and loan out your ebooks; you can borrow a book free of charge or loan one out–the site matches you up with the user who’ll be loaning out or borrowing.)